Aiming to Revolutionize Online Learning, JazzJune Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Clearing e-learning hurdles for students, instructors and employers

BLOOMINGTON, Minn., Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The online education platform kicked off its crowdfunding campaign with special introductory pricing and video unveiling how the company’s tools tackle some of remote learning’s biggest challenges.

“There’s never been a stronger need for online education, but for an industry that’s still relatively new, it’s already way behind,” said Eric Matas, a JazzJune founder and its Chief Learning Officer. “We designed our platform to address issues that have plagued online learning since the beginning.”

One of JazzJune’s biggest innovations is its ability to sift and sort the internet’s countless course offerings.

Learning without limits. Whether you’re a young student, lifelong learner, emerging leader or established educator, JazzJune brings the global world of online and remote learning together in a simple and affordable platform.

One of JazzJune’s biggest innovations is its ability to sift and sort the internet’s countless course offerings, “almost like Expedia for education,” Matas said. Consumers have long been able to compare hotels, houses, credit cards and cars online. But when it came to researching and comparison shopping for online education, there was nothing.

“Education is one of the biggest investments someone can make in themselves or their children,” Matas said. “JazzJune helps ensure that you’re making the right investment.”

For students who do find an online class, there is often little guidance or assistance in overcoming challenges. And for those who struggle to pay for their courses, there are limited options. JazzJune aims to tackle each of these problems and more.

JazzJune also provides a sense of community rarely found in online learning. Users who need extra assistance enjoy mentorship from dedicated, experienced leaders. And they have access to a network of people who share their interests and passions along with discussion groups to broaden their experience.

Money is the biggest reason students stop pursuing higher education, with 38 percent saying they dropped out from a lack of financial support. JazzJune bridges those funding gaps. Members can launch their own crowdfunding campaigns to solicit support from friends and family. Every dollar raised is set aside exclusively for educational costs.

JazzJune is using the same crowdfunding approach available to anyone eager to continue their education, jumpstart their career, or provide instructional content of their own. The campaign allows JazzJune to launch a beta version this fall and gather user feedback rather than pitching outside investors.

“Our suite of digital tools helps people overcome the largest obstacles in online learning, from decision making and financing to accessibility and support,” said Alexander Londo, a JazzJune founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We designed everything with the user in mind. Our campaign has several levels of support and substantial discounts for early adopters.”

About JazzJune, Inc.

Founded in spring 2020 by a trio of Minnesota nativesJazzJune seeks to democratize online learning, expand access for those who have been left out or left behind, and increase the quality of online classes and outcomes. The company also set an ambitious goal of creating 1 million new jobs and developing a vibrant community of engaged, connected learners and leaders. Find out more at

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