Help Make Learning Better With JazzJune

We love learning, not limelight.

We’re building JazzJune mindfully to keep the learner as the focus and to give them the greatest learning experience they can have. As an EdTech startup based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our founders are learners, teachers, and designers.

And we want to keep putting our energy into building the best possible platform for learning rather than be distracted by pursuing investors.

We would rather you help us achieve our goal: help as many people find the right learning for their life right now.

JazzJune is creating a community that makes it fun to find the learning options that fit your needs, passions, and dreams. For more information on what drives us, visit our Culture and Mission page.

As one of the founders of JazzJune, I’m asking for your donation to help us reach our next milestone of launching our public beta this summer 2021. We do love June, so if we can get your donation by my birthday, June 5th, then we will be able to open our public beta this June!

Are you ready to JazzJune? Please consider making a donation to our very special startup.






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