World’s First Online Course Created Entirely Using Artificial Intelligence is Now Available

The comprehensive course contains 6 chapters, 19 lessons and 1 quiz – all generated using ChatGPT.

BLOOMINGTON, MN, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2022 / — JazzJune, a free platform with tools to create and share learning content, has developed the world’s first online course made entirely from content generated by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapidly emerging in the last few years. But the development of the ChatGPT AI has shown just how powerful this technology is. “If you’ve been sleeping on AI, this is your wake up call,” said Alex Londo, CEO & Founder of JazzJune – who discovered that artificial intelligence could be used to develop all of the content needed for an online course.

If you’ve been sleeping on AI, this is your wake up call”

-Alex Londo, Founder & CEO

The idea to experiment with generating a course entirely with AI came to Londo after he was inundated with news about ChatGPT and its seemingly endless abilities. “I wanted to put it to the ultimate test. I tried other AI tools in the past, but never found a comprehensive, yet easy way to create all of the learning content needed for an entire course. That was until ChatGPT came along.”

When Londo learned that he could potentially use ChatGPT to generate everything he needed to build a course, he decided to try it. In just 10 hours, he had a full-fledged, 19-lesson course that even included a quiz which was also generated by the AI.

In that moment, he realized he might be the first person ever to fully use artificial intelligence to create an entire course – from conception to conclusion. He fittingly called the course “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)”.

“If you caught that, I just had artificial intelligence make a course about artificial intelligence, and it’s actually pretty good. I plan to keep using this tool to refine and train it to generate better learning content every time,” Londo said.

Ultimately Londo hopes that artificial intelligence will be leveraged to not only create content, but to make suggestions and relevant updates as well as moderate and fact-check learning.

“My head is spinning with all of the ways we can use this technology in education,” Londo said. “And JazzJune plans on being at the forefront of the charge.”

Anyone with a free account on JazzJune can now view the course. Sign up for free with no credit card required at

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