How to ‘DIY Your EDU’ with JazzJune: The Home Depot of Learning

from Eric Matas

Hello, aspiring learners! Welcome to this brief and exciting lesson, “How to DIY Your EDU with JazzJune: The Home Depot of Learning”. This lesson will guide you on how to take control of your own education, shaping it just like an artist crafting a masterpiece.

Step 1: Know What You Need

Just as you walk into Home Depot with a list of items to fulfill your DIY project, start your educational journey by identifying your learning goals. Do you want to hone a specific skill set? Pursue a career change? Or simply feed a curiosity you have in a subject? Clarifying your aims will help you focus on the right resources on JazzJune and other learning sites.

Step 2: Connect and Select

One feature of JazzJune is free groups. There are paid groups too, but anyone can create a group at no cost and allow others to join for free. Browse the groups to see if someone like you has already started a community that focuses on the stuff you want to learn. An example of a free group is the Power Launch group which is aimed at small business owners and startup entrepreneurs who need to learn and share about launching their businesses well. So, connect with people in a group to start building momentum for your education.

JazzJune Golden Rule: If you look for a group and it doesn’t exist, then you start the group! If a searched-for group doesn’t exist and you don’t start it, angels weep.

Step 3: Plan Your Project

Just as you would sketch out your DIY project, outline your learning path. JazzJune is just getting started, so the aisles of courses and other learning products are not yet stocked like the shelves in Home Depot. However, early adopters like you are seeing new lessons and courses appear every day. Also, more and more advisors, mentors, teachers, and coaches join JazzJune every day, and they offer free and paid services–these are products in our marketplace that you can browse. So, start by using your learning goals to guide you in finding the right learning products.

On JazzJune, there are more learning options than any other learning platform: from on-demand courses, stand-alone lessons, and curated journeys to one-on-one mentorship and other in-person or online tutoring, advising, and teaching services. A mix is usually best and is often called hybrid learning–that is, some self-paced, self-serve content and some connection and guidance from a real person. Organize your learning wish list, set a timeline, and create checkpoints for your progress.

JazzJune’s friendly staff is available to help. Connect with us on JazzJune, and you can message us right on the platform.

Step 4: Get Hands-on

Time to roll up your sleeves and dive in! Just as you would in a DIY project, engage with your learning actively. Watch those video lectures, complete assignments, engage in discussion groups, and check in with mentors. Remember, the beauty of JazzJune is that you have control over your pace – you can pause, rewind, or accelerate as you wish.

Step 5: Seek Expert Advice

Stuck on a complex concept? Just like asking a Home Depot employee for help, reach out to your mentors on JazzJune. They’re there to guide you, clarify doubts, and provide insights from their own experience. Remember, learning is interactive – don’t hesitate to ask questions. Connect and engage and you will get what you want.

Step 6: Celebrate Your Success and Reflect

As you complete courses and reach your learning goals, take time to celebrate your accomplishments. But don’t stop there – reflect on what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown, and what you might want to explore next. Remember, JazzJune’s aisles are always open for you to find your next learning venture.

One of the best ways to reflect is by making your own lesson. Just like the lesson you are viewing now. It is free for everyone to create lessons and courses on JazzJune. As you learn, use the lesson tool to solidify your understanding by creating lessons on the topics. You don’t have to let anyone see! But if you get good at creating lessons, please share: giving back to the next learners is our favorite pastime.

Lesson Wrap Up

With JazzJune, you can design, implement, and master your education, just like a DIY project. This platform breaks the traditional barriers of learning, offering you the chance to learn what you want, when you want, and how you want. It’s time to pick up your educational toolbox and start building your DIY EDU today. Enjoy the process, happy learning, and see you in the aisles of JazzJune.